Thursday, December 24, 2009


It's mainly popular for its punjabi and also there is a lot of variety for women apparels.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


O2 is creating exclusive apparels for men and women.And they are mainly known for their exclusive panjabi, sherwani And other collection that speaks of style for men,for women they have bewitched with the range of bridal saris,fatua,salwar kameez.This is one unique fashion collection to express ones individuality.


"Rang" has passed 14 long years as a prime boutique house in our country. Today it is a phenomenon and a symbol of trust among the thousands of valued customer in this country and abroad.”Rang” has 5 outlets in Dhaka apart from 3 in Narayanganj.They are supporting local handloom owners, dyers, designers and many more related in the fashion industry.It has expanded its products from Punjabi, Saries, Fatua, T-shirts,Dupatta and also accessories.They use local indigenous fabrics of Cotton, Khadi, Silk, Half-silk, Katan and Muslin to design their products. “Rang” collects best raw materials and use all available process of designs to make their products unique from others.

Soul Dance

Soul Dance is mainly known as fashionable apparels for young boys.It is offering cool and trendy t-shirts,jeans and accessories for men.If you want to look more trendy you can visit this fashion store.


It is making attractive salwar kamiz and saris for women and punjabi,t-shirts for men.Bibiyana is mainly focusing on the likes and dislikes of young generation.


Nipun is also one of the biggest fashion house in Bangladesh.It is also making fashionable apparels from Bangladeshi fabric and also accessories for men,women and children.


It is one of the established fashion house in Dhaka.It is offering fashionable apparels for men,women and children.Saris,fatua,kameez,punjabi,dresses and also accesories are available here.

Friday, December 18, 2009


It's a cutting edge exclusive fashion store which established in 2004.The outfits at Mantra are mainly contemporary designs, but there is also a fusion of east and west.It is mainly renowned for its saris and other women apparels.Initially Mantra focused more on menswear,since they believed that Dhaka was lacking in designer clothes for men.They also offers branded cloths and accessories like Levis,Pepe jeans,Gucci and many more.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Starting from a garage in 1990 Westecs started its high street fashion journey,with a desire to develop country's first ever international brand.Now its one of the leading branded store in Bangladesh.They are offering apparels for men,women and children.You can find any kind of formal,trendy and fashionable cloths and accessories.


Yellow is the growing fashion. Its a sister concern of Beximco Group is the largest private sector industrial conglomerate in Bangladesh.It offers an experience of everyday freshness across diverse lifestyle products.Yellow is a one-stop shop for clothes for Men,Women and Children. Yellow in near future would position itself in southeast asia, middle-east and Europe as a preferred choice of consumers presently buying zara, H&M, mango.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Tanjim is a part of Ecstasy.And in general this store is offering only boys apparels.There's lots of cool trendy t-shirts for boys and also formal shirts are available here.
Tanjim offers limited edition items, which allows creating perfect personal look which is updated throughout the season.It has been innovative,interesting and credible among its target audience.And its continuous updating of its designs makes “Tanjim” a true point of reference for anyone interested in fashion.


At the beginning as a single store chain in 1997,Ecstasy has quickly become one of the nations largest fashion retailers.There's also two brands of it like:Tanjim and ZanZain.They are taking the fashion to a new level.Ecstasy lifestyle store offers quality exclusive and trendy merchandise to the customers.

Nilanjana Palli

If you are a die hard-jamdani fan!Nilanjana Palli is here with their shiny hued and heavily ornamented pieces. But if you choose to look chic yet traditional then you can also wear a gorgeous handloom sari.
You can also find traditional handloom saris, silk sari, cotton sari, banarasi sari,and handloom fabrics over here.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cats Eye

Cats eye is a labor of love. Almost 3 decades in the making,it's an attitude towards fashion that bends and breaks rules.After 3 electric fashion brands and 31 outlets,the empire continues to conquer.
In addition to sustaining the role of being the leading menswear manufacturer and retailer in Bangladesh,their focus now is to make the brand internationally known.Based on the home-grown success the company looks to enter the international market and make the brands’ presence felt globally.It's mission is to create a style statement that suits the discerning individual, while keeping a stringent eye on quality yet being affordable.It has pioneered contemporary fashion tastes and trends across the formal and informal segment of design apparel.Now there's apparel both for men and women.

Monday, December 7, 2009


If you are thinking doorjee is a tailor shop then you are mistaken! Well “doorjee” is a fashion boutique house.The name doorjee does not have any specific meaning. The word “door” means a door and “jee” in Bengali means a response to something. Thus “doorjee’ in all means responding to the door when the bell rings.
"Doorjee"with its unique name was first established by Mrs Selina Chowdhury in Oct 1998.Well,her innovative ideas always had a nag and interest on fashion world. This boutique got immense response and popularity during the early years.Even starting it small, she always had a proper showroom, nice looking price tags, carrying bags of doorjee, and factory with proper quality checking management.With all this in respect customers always admired doorjee.
The philosophy of doorjee is that treat your customer like a queen.Even today doorjee maintains their motto.It's designs are different and unique from other dresses.The color combination of it is wonderful.
It gives an exotic and trendy look in traditional ways.It approaches in blending the 70’s fashion with present’s fashion, instead of blending east with west.


Working with the motif and patterns of designs and using deshi fabrics deshal is motivating youth and also introdusing us to our culture.

Tangail Sari Kutir

If you want to venture out of the typical colours this season, Tangail Sari Kutir is the place for you to be,while their latest collections are ordinary and gorgeous.


Bangladesh historically inherits a great culture and tradition that includes crafts in daily life and livelihood. The rural-based infrastructure has made it a potential ground for the development of numerous items. The items produced by early craftsmen are not only singularly beautiful but also the representative of the country identity, art, heritage, tradition and customs of the country. With the passage of time, new modern styles and designs have been adapted and this has paved the way for a unique blend of the old and the new. Dhaka Ahsania Mission being a reputed NGO in social and human capital development realized the present needs of rural artisans and buyers interest that includes high society and visitors from abroad.Another tendency that has been observed is to show interest about western styles and designs and adapt the same in life styles which are challenging in promotion of handicrafts and hand loom sector of our country as well as conservation of traditional art, heritage and cultural identity Bangladesh . To address those issues Dhaka Ahsania Mission has been established "Nogordola"for our heritage and cultural promotion, sustainability of handicraft and artisans in line with modern style and technology. Classic Bengali meets contemporary vibe at Nogordola's creation. Whether it is the heayily embellished silk sari or a kurta styled shalwar suit,punjabi.It is now the favourite place among younger crowds.


Jatra's specialty is the unique quality of all its products, with a trademark stamp of typical Bangladesh artwork on it.It has been a part of Dhaka's handicrafts scene for around two years and has nicely carved out a niche market for itself.It mainly concentrates on a few specialized products and also has its own clothes manufacturing unit, block printing section and furniture manufacturing and finishing unit.


If you want some real trendy clothes then you can go to Anokhi.All types of fashionable clothes are over there.It has redefined urban sophistication.


Some things never go out of style like the chicness of jamdani or you can't stop gazing at charm of kanjibharam.If you want to be the cynosure of all eyes,weather a party or simply while walking accross the streets of Dhaka.You can drape yourself with Aahong creation,its fashionable and also trendy.

Shada Kalo

If you love black and white - this is the place to go!One of the very few theme stores in Dhaka.ShadaKalo carries saries,salwar-kameez,fatuas,t-shirts,punjabi and children's clothing.Also there's fashionable accessories. The designer urges tou to discover the colours of Shada Kalo.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


This is one of the largest fashion house in Bangladesh. DressyDale is making trendy designs with a traditional appeal for people with unique and distinctive tastes.Its a place where lots of dedicated designers give their best to bring out designs that are both traditional and contemporary in style.Maya Rahman is the CEO of DressyDale and also monitors the whole production.Starting its journey from 1997 it has created a lot of designs that have become famous for their uniqueness.It always comes up with the best designs of all time.Bangladeshi traditional wear-(salwar kameez,sari,jamdani,fatua,punjabi)western and indo-western dresses are available here.


Basically they make clothes from Bangladeshi fabric and uses different stitches and motifs.Punjabi,sari and
kameez are available here.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Banglar Mela

It is also one of the emerging branded stores of Bangladesh.Emdad Haque is the designer of Banglar Mela and he's also emerging new styles of clothing made from Bangladeshi fabric.


Maheen Khan is the owner of ‘Mayasir’- that carries her clothing line for men, women and children including her jewelry and accessories collection. She uses local materials for all her collections.She represents Bangladeshi fashion on a new platform towards the world.She uses all type of fashion based colours and also follows latest trends.


If attitude is an integral part of style then certainly Aneela Haque's designs have plenty of it.She prefer her creations to stand out and show the right attitude.Merging elements from the rural culture and urban sophistication her designs are a combination of the east and the west.Launched her fashion outlate Andes 10years ago,Aneela is one of the pioneers of Bangladeshi fashion today. She is also one of the seven founding members of Bangladesh Fashion Alliance that organised the first Bangladesh Fashion Week in 2004.Her designs speak of the traditional Bangladeshi handicrafts and other cultural art also some fusion of calligraphy.


Kay Kraft was established by the entrepreneurial wife and husband team of Khalid Mahmood and Shahnaz Khan.Entrepreneurs of this have been in handloom based handcrafted fashion wear business for more than 13 years now. Although initiated as a home-based boutique house, during its successful rapid growth of popularity, operations and infrastructure, Its dimensions and visions have proliferated due to discoveries of unused resources, skills and potentials.Their traditional handloom industry and its potentials Kay Kraft found to be untapped at many aspects and confined to a very small segment of the market.It also came across a new dimension with human resources. A significant number of small entrepreneurs scattered at various parts of the country came forward with their goods, materials and expertise and accelerated the growth of Kay Kraft's infrastructure. These small entrepreneurs were inspiring and providing financial means to many more at grass-root level. This gave Kay Kraft new visions, opportunities, experience and also responsibility. Such accomplishment Kay Kraft considers a good sign of successful business relationship and strategy.

Aarongs Emerging Designs

Part of Aarong

Taaga is a brand of Aarong.Its mainly focusing on young trends and changing design patterns and creating a new era.And theres also designer jewellery by Papa.


It is one of the leading branded store since 1978.
Aarong is a fair trade organization
dedicated to bring about positive changes
in the lives of disadvantaged artisans and
underprivileged rural women by reviving and
promoting their skills and craft. Reaching out
to weavers, potters, brass workers, jewellers, jute workers, basket weavers, wood carvers, leather
workers and more, Aarong embraces and nurtures a diverse representation of 65,000 artisans, 85% of whom are women. Today, Aarong has become the foundation upon which independent cooperative groups and family-based artisans market their craft, in an effort to position the nation’s handicraft industry on a world platform of appreciation and acknowledgment.

Brands Wear

There are many branded shops in BD now a days.So if you have the craze for shopping no need to go abroad almost everything's available here.
Leading branded shops here like:Aarong,Ahong,KayKraft,Ecstacy,Westecs,Yellow,CatsEye,Anjans,OG,O2,Trendz,TangailSareeKutir,Occult,Deshal,Mantra,Bibiana,Nogordola,Tanjim,Andes and many more.
There are some international branded shops like:Levis,RBK,Woodland and etc.

Friday, December 4, 2009


It is a soft,staple fiber that grows in a form known as a ball around the seeds of cotton plant.The fiber most often is spun into yarn or thread and used to make a soft,breathable textile,which is the most widely used natural-fiber cloth in clothing today.
There are many varieties in cotton like : Khadi,Endi-cotton,voil and taath.

Rajshahi Silk

Rajshahi silk is the name given to the silk products produced in Rajshahi,Bangladesh.It is a famous name in the domain of clothing,specially in saris,Punjabi and scarfs. It is a delicate and soft fiber produced from the cocoons of silkworms and is covered with a protein called sericin. There are mainly three varities of silks : Mulberry Silk,Eri or Endi Silk and Tassar Silk. Among these varieties,Mulberry silk and Endi silk is the best and is therefore the most valuable. Saris,Punjabi and other products made out of Rajshahi silk are coveted by users in the country and foreign countries.This silk is available as fabric in colours and patterns for designers. Silk fabrics are available in ranges for apparels and other purposes.


A gamcha is a thin,coarse,traditional cotton material found in Bangladesh.It is a type of clothing design that is very popular over here and is rapidly expanding to other countries as well.Gamcha was used as towel at first by the villagers but now fashion made some changes in it.It mainly constitutes a pattern of square or rectangles formed from different colours of dyed threads.The checks are mainly made of cotton fabric woven in the traditional methods by the weavers.And to save this traditional form Bibi Russel introduced this material towards the world.She want people to understand and appreciate all the work and effort that has gone into the weavers,to preserve the heritage of our country,foster creativity,provide employment opportunities,empower woman and contribute towards the eradication of poverty.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Banarasi Sari

Banarasi saris are mostly worn by women on important occasions such as when attending a wedding or other occasions.These saris are made of finely woven silk and fine tissues (Zari) and are decorated with elaborate engravings. Because of these engravings, these saris are relatively heavy.Its special characteristics are Mughal inspired designs such as intricate intertwining floral,foliate motifs,kalka and many more.Other distinctive features are heavy gold work,compact weaving,figures with small details,metallic visual effects and mina work. These saris are an inevitable part of ant bride's trousseau.Depending upon the intricacy of designs and patterns, a banarasi sari can take 15 days to one month and sometimes up to six months to complete. There are many kind of banarasi sari like : banaras silk,tissue,cutwork,butidar,monihar,organza,sharnalata,banarasi jute cotton,pure katan sari and many more.
Mainly Mirpur is the place specially known for these banarasi saris.


Muslin is a type of finely-woven fabric.It has a special place of pride on the hearts of the Bangladeshis.It is mainly woven around Dhaka.Muslin breathes well, and is a good choice of material for clothing meant for hot, dry climates. Legend has it that the finest of muslin woven in Bangladesh is so soft and fine that an entire garment can pass through a signet ring!
Now a days many branded shops and boutiques are making apparels for men,women and children.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Jamdani is the big part of our rich heritage.It is a fabric of fine cotton of Bengali origin,with coloured stripes and patterns.It has been spoken of as the most artistic textile of the Bangladeshi weaver.Traditionally woven around Dhaka and created on the loom brocade,it is also fabulously rich in motif.A Bengali woman's wardrobe is simply incomplete without this elegant piece.Though mostly used for saris and it is also used for Kameez,and scarves.Jamdani is believed to be a fusion of the ancient cloth making techniques of Bengal(perhaps 2,000 years old).Because of its complicated designs,it always considered as the most expensive productions of Dhaka looms.

There are many branded shops which are producing jamdani and the first name that comes on mind is AARONG.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


There are many different types of fabrics in Bangladesh. Some of them are common fabric type like Cotton,others are used for formal outfits like Rajshahi Silk, Chiffon, Satin,Dhupian etc.There are also various types of traditional fabrics like Jamdani,Muslin,Banarasi and Gamcha.